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No one knew about the abortion I had at 17. Immediately after the procedure I felt guilt and knew it was wrong. This started years of guilt, shame, and finding things to numb that pain. Instead of turning to loved ones for help, I turned to substances. Instead of expressing my emotions and letting myself mourn, I bottled it up. Instead of confronting my poor decision, I had decided to carry it with me to my grave.

The BEST thing I have ever done since then is be honest and transparent not only about having an abortion, but about my feelings and emotions since. Mourning your loss is OK. Grieving is OK. Change can happen, and it's real. You deserve to feel better again and love yourself after your abortion.

I tried to keep my abortion hidden. I wanted to keep it hidden. The guilt and shame were powerful enough to disable me emotionally and stuff the memory down for 8 long years. Finally and thankfully, I gained the courage to face it, reach out and speak out. There are women just like you who think they are the only ones. I thought I was the only one who regretted her abortion! But, I was not, and you are not. There is power in numbers. Come connect and heal with us, like we were meant to.

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